How do fire alarms work?

    Optical fire alarms – a laser inside the alarm is shone over a receptor, which when blocked by smoke causes an alarm to sound. Optical alarms are good for detecting slower burning fires which give off larger smoke particles.
    Ionisation alarms – two electronically charged plates and a small amount of radiation ionise the air inside this type of alarm system; smoke from a fire neutralises this air and sets off the alarm. Ionisation fire alarms are best at detecting small smoke particles which are typically given off by high flaming fires.
    Combined alarms – contain both optical and ionising systems for the best protection.

Fire alarms for commercial buildings and businesses

Fire Alarm system

Fire sprinklers are a good addition
to your fire safety system

There are many fire alarm options for commercial buildings in London, consult with a fire alarm specialist to find the best solution to suit the size and type of your property. We always go and visit the building first to assess what kind of alarm system the client needs, larger companies for instance often need more sophisticated systems. Some companies are now choosing to install wireless alarms, which are good for complexes spread over several buildings, such as university campuses.

As well as installing standard smoke alarms and manual break glass boxes in commercial buildings, many companies choose to add extra fire safety features such as fire sprinklers and fire doors to stop the spread of fire. You can get addressable fire alarms which are more specific on the location of the fire, these types of alarms can be linked to the fire service and are particularly good for large buildings – they are legally required in sheltered housing.

Legally, businesses and commercial premises must have adequate alarm systems. This means alarms must be fitted by a professional and comply with building regulations, “We have to comply with fire regulations, This means products have to meet the British Standard Institution (BSI). Commercial fire alarm systems also need to be maintained properly and tested regularly by a professional.